About Paul Mason, Esq.

Paul is blessed with a beautiful family. He has a wonderful wife, Sarah and three children, Halie, Austin, and Luke. Paul graduated from Texas A&M with B.A. and spent almost a decade in the Securities Industry. He also has Juris Doctorate Degree from Southern Methodist University. With his years of experience he believes the legal and financial industry can perform better and is committed to being a trusted lifetime advisor for his clients. He currently leads the Men’s Ministry at his church and is committed to see people reach their fullest potential. Paul loves “competing” in triathlons. He has run nearly a half dozen Half Ironmans and competed in his first full Ironman in 2010. He strives to stay active physically, mentally, and spiritually.

About Mason Law and Planning Group....And How We Are Different 

If you asked me how we are different than most attorneys and even estate attorneys it could be summed up in a story from law school.

I was fortunate, as are most attorneys, to attend law school with many intelligent people. However, as with everything, people have their giftings. When sitting through an estate class, I quickly learned that although my very intelligent friends are extremely gifted with most “lawyer things”, numbers and math was not their strong suite. I was amazed at how difficult it was for them to understand some simple tax tables and concepts.

Having spent over a decade in the finance world and running several successful companies, this type of thinking was second nature to me. I quickly found out that I was an anomaly as an attorney (and forever banned from becoming a Senator, but that is another topic). Most attorneys are great with theory and case law, but struggle with the bottom line and practicality.

My approach is different.

I start all solutions for my clients by thinking about the bottom line and the practicality of each custom plan. I want my clients to know that I am not just throwing out concepts that I read in a case book or learned in a continuing education class, but I am only bringing them practical solutions that will address their individual need effectively and efficiently.

Why is this approach important for my clients? Great question! It is very simple, our plans and suggestion are not just things that “look good on paper,” but are plans that are the custom fit for each client and their unique situation, with the end result in mind.

I carry that same approach to how we form relationships with clients. I do not believe, nor is it in a clients best interest, for an attorney to draft a long set of documents and send the clients out the door to wait to hear from them so they can send them a enormous hourly bill. No!

Right from the start my client is treated differently. My clients will always know two things, how long it takes and how much it cost, and will never be left to figure out things on their own.

We have flat rates that we agree on with our clients upfront, along with turnaround times. We then put them at ease by giving them complete access to me and my team without additional, unknown cost. We believe that a client should never fear calling my office and what that simple call or e-mail will cost them. We have continuing relationships with each of our clients. 

They know they will receive non hourly billed calls and e-mails, annual reviews, word-processing updates, emergency contact information, online storage solutions, and access. Life changes. Are you at the same place and around the same people that you were with 20, 10 or even 5 years ago? More than likely, no. We want to make sure that your plan reflects these changes and the only way to do it is by continuing an ongoing communication with you.

We do not believe it is right for you to be afraid of that communication because you are afraid of the unknown cost to you. We also do not want you to be afraid of us just forgetting about you because you are not an “important” client. The bottom line is simple, we don’t just draft documents, we build an ongoing relationship that ensures your desires and dreams are fulfilled.